You can't make an omlette...

6/19 Tuesday -- So the theme of the past two days has been deconstruction. I came home on Tuesday during a rain storm and frantically ran around trying to cover things and get others out of the rain. The cabinet was still out drying when the rain started. With the rain as it was I went to the basement to try cleaning up the root cellar. There was just so much dirt even with a hose and the wet vac I gave up on it for the time being. I started tearing down the ceiling in the kitchen so I can get some dry wall up. I got about half way before taking a break and immediately falling asleep. That was that.

6/20 Wednesday -- I finished putting the chest back together and while it wasn't amazing, it certainly wasn't a failure. At any rate I don't think the turtle mind. I finished tearing down the ceiling in the kitchen and well, it's not pretty. However, without the panel that runs around above the cabinets it really does open up some space. Interestingly enough when I disconnected the one wall socket in the paneling I couldn't believe how it was hooked up. Whoever installed it could have used less wire and had ground fault protection on all of the socket just by hooking it up properly. I've only been doing electric for a week and even I know that. After the ceiling was down it was still fairly early and I decided to tackle the pool. I figure why have someone take the metal to a scrap yard and get money for it when I can just do it myself. It only took about an hour and a half to get it done. It really opens up a lot of space in the backyard. That's when Tara came to deliver me some food and I called it a day. Hospital work tomorrow at 8:30, ugh.

They're just so dumb.

It could be worse, somehow

So much for that

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