Step on up

6/27 Wednesday -- Today Tara's dad spent the day building wooden steps for the front porch. It took most of the day but they came out pretty great. Not to mention he got to go at a pitbull attacking another dog with a hammer. After two hits with the hammer the pitbull hadn't even flinched, but I digress. I just need to get some trim molding to run along the side and then give them a coat of paint, hopefully at some point tomorrow. While he was working on that I took care of a few miscellaneous jobs: spackled the screw holes in the drywall, took down the deck in the back yard, removed all the cabinet doors and cleaned them up. I tried stripping a cabinet door to see how they'd hold up but even just a little sanding with an orbital was going through the veneer. I'm going to have to wind up painting them. It wasn't what I originally wanted but I guess you have to do what you can with 50 year old cabinets. I also got some epoxy floor covering for at least the workbench/laundry area and some spray on epoxy kit for redoing the worn upstairs bathtub. Oh and I meant the guy who owns the house next to me on the corner (the people living there rent) and apparently he's not only a plumbing contractor, but the guy who installed the lower bath in my house to begin with some ten years ago. He's supposed to drop off his card and I'm going to have him take a look at what'd be needed to get the shower installed downstairs.

A coat of paint and we'll be in business

The yard gets bigger every day

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