More curtains, closets, and doors.

I spent this past weekend getting a few more odds and ends done. I finished hanging the rest of the curtains. I installed a bifold door in the downstairs bathroom to make room for the a shower in the coming conversion to a fullbath. I took some extra whiteboard type material I had sitting around from another project and mounted to the full length of the door in the office. With the door closed I have a giant whiteboard to use with dry-erase markers for working out models and such. I also painted and updated the built in closet in the upstairs hallway. I painted it in the same style as the bathroom, added some new hardware, and picked up some fabric that my aunt was generous enough to sew into a curtain for me. I also included some new pictures of the living room having updated the style a bit. I figured with all the time spent on the hardwood floors it didn't really make sense to hide them under such a large rug. Enjoy.


A Little Decoration Goes a Long Way

It's reached the point where I'm done with the bulk of the major construction I'm doing at this point (plenty more to come down the road). No I'm focused on cleaning things up and getting it presentable a little. Here's the improvement some curtains graciously donated by my mom can make.