More curtains, closets, and doors.

I spent this past weekend getting a few more odds and ends done. I finished hanging the rest of the curtains. I installed a bifold door in the downstairs bathroom to make room for the a shower in the coming conversion to a fullbath. I took some extra whiteboard type material I had sitting around from another project and mounted to the full length of the door in the office. With the door closed I have a giant whiteboard to use with dry-erase markers for working out models and such. I also painted and updated the built in closet in the upstairs hallway. I painted it in the same style as the bathroom, added some new hardware, and picked up some fabric that my aunt was generous enough to sew into a curtain for me. I also included some new pictures of the living room having updated the style a bit. I figured with all the time spent on the hardwood floors it didn't really make sense to hide them under such a large rug. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

looking good Matt! Laser is very photogenic too - and certainly not camera shy. - aunt Jan

Thread and Treadle Doll Costuming said...

SOooo that't what the closet in the hall up stairs looked like.

Caren, your neighbor