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6/22 Saturday – Today was prep for the upcoming drywall hanging. I spent a few hours tearing all the staples out of the two rooms, and the rest of the staples out of the dining room floor. Then I went over to Vic’s and we brought over seven sheets of 12’ drywall. The big sheets might be a little more work to hang but the tradeoff is we only have two or three seams to patch in the whole ceiling. It was late but I took a ride to Lowes to grab some flowers and perk up the front yard a little. $14 dollars worth of flowers went a long way. The root cellar has pretty much dried up but the one wall on the left is hurting. I'm going to have to jack up the trusses, smash out some blocks, and put in replacements. Tomorrow is a day of big work

6/23 Sunday – Had a bit of a late night last night so I arranged to meet up with Erik and Vic at 1:30. We came in and got started right away. The drywall hanger we rented from Home Depot was a great call. The $30 a day it costs to rent was well worth the headache it saved. I would help them get the drywall on the hanger then go work on straightening out the wiring situation in the kitchen while they screwed it up. The thing with the kitchen is that the ceiling fan that had been there was never wired into a wall switch, it just had a pull string. I don’t think the new fixture on the way has a pull string and I’d much rather have a wall switch regardless. After considering my options I decided to bridge the circuit from the ground fault outlet to the left of the sink to the ceiling fixture and the tract lighting for above the sink rather than using the existing wiring, it’ll be easier in the long run. I’ve got all the materials; I just need to do some more wall cutting to get feed the wires through. I may breakout the whole plaster wall where I’m wiring and put up more drywall and its place but I’ll have to wait and see what it comes to. After they had two panels up in the dining room I walked in and realized that we forgot to cut out the hole for the fixture in the dining room. We’ll have to go back for that. Anyway we got all but a single panel up where I need to finish the wiring so it was a big success and the ceilings already look a hundred times better. Progress feels good.

Someone cleans up well

Looks good, would look better with a hole for the light

Light years of difference

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