It almost looks like a kitchen

6/25 Monday -- I spent today trying to finish straightening out the wiring so the last sheet of drywall can get hung. I decided to knock out the plaster behind the sink to not only make it easier to get the wires through but to put more drywall in it's place for a cleaner look. I got the wires through and brought home another sheet of drywall (10' sheet on the roof racks of a Neon, w00t). Daylight took it's leave and without those wires hooked up I couldn't turn the circuits back on to keep working. Tomorrow I'll finish up.

Think PAST the torn out wall

6/26 Tuesday -- I got to work around eleven or so. It was so hot just working on hooking up wires I was dripping sweat. When I say dripping I mean literally to the point where it was pouring onto the wires I was working with. Gross. I finished hooking up the switches before Tara's dad arrived. He helped me hang the last sheet in the kitchen and get the sheet up on the wall. He lent a hand with cleaning up while I ran to home depot to grab some pigtail lights. I just need something that will hold a bulb and give me a few more working hours each day, the light fixtures can actually get mounted later on. Finished the electric finally and everything worked without a hitch, score. I went to the basement with Mr. Sullivan and we finished drylocking the part that was still uncoated. Turns out there's another part of the basement wall that's a little hurting. My aunt mentioned a process called pilastering where you put up half blocks and fill them with concrete against the existing wall, it's something to look in to. At least the kitchen looks half way presentable. Once I figure out what to do with the rest of it I can really get somewhere.

We're cooking now

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