Raise the roof

7/9 Sunday -- I spent the a good portion of the day taping off the drywall and filling in all of the screw holes in the kitchen. For having never taped before it seems like I did a pretty decent job but I guess I won't really know until I'm done with the final coat/sanding. I'm not even going to bother to tape the wall/ceiling joints since they're going to be covered with molding anyway. After that I moved back to raising the height of the ceiling in the main stairway. As is my shoulder hits the ceiling standing on the steps and since I need to make a big mess in one of the bedrooms tearing up the closet, this is something to get done now. I ripped out all of the closet in the room above the stairs and have a nice big hole 4 ft wide hole right through to the steps. I decided to raise the ceiling about 10 inches. I think this is a decent compromise between not too much work and still a significant improvement. I tore out the old frame and started to put the new one up but had to stop before it was finished when I ran out of framing nails. I still had one 2x4 to cut but with only one more full length board in the house, I wouldn't have been able to lock the front door if I did. I ran the plywood board that's the new closet floor through Vic's table saw and it fits perfect. All I need to do to finish is put up that last 2x4 support, nail down the plywood, and patch up the drywall underneath. I have some pics but my camera isn't with me so I'll try and get those up tomorrow along with what is hopefully the finished result.

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