And it's done

Perhaps I was a little overly optimistic when I thought I could have everything done in around 5 days with a budget of about $500, but considering everything was wrapped up in two weeks for just shy of $900, I'm pretty excited with my performance. If anyone is interested, here's a rough breakdown of where the budget went:

-Sink and faucet, $100
-Garbage disposal, $100
-Tile (counter, backsplash, and floor), $150
-Grout, thinset, etc, $75
-Electric wire, outlets, accessories, $55
-3/4" Plywood and cement board, $90
-Wood trim (counter, windows, floor), $50
-Paint and caulk, $30
-Tile cutter, $70
-Table and stools, $90
-Misc decorations, $80

Now there's still a couple minor things to do like a few more decorations, a new curtain for above the sink, and so forth, but I'm fully prepared to call this thing done.

PS. Being the avid gamer I that am, I hid one of each Tetris piece in the pseudo-random design of the backsplash, you can see three of them in the pic above.

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