$25 never looked so good

With Tara's graduation coming up I decided it was time to get things at least presentable for company. Last night I caught a post on freecycle where someone listed 15 bushes they had dug up and bagged were on the curb and ready to go. Mapquest showed it was 2 miles away and 20 minutes later they were sitting in my back yard. I got home from my final today and planted the bushes. I was thinking about getting one of those black plastic boarders but then remembered the pile of pressure treated wood I still had. I dug a little trench and pounded in 2x6's all the way across. Then I laid down some landscaping felt and topped it off with mulch. All-in-in the whole project only cost $14 for the felt and $11 for the mulch. Still no grass but I'm getting there. Here's a reference picture of what it looked like before I did anything. w00t.

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