Oh right, I have a website.

Classes, busy, blah, blah, I didn't update for 6 months. I still did work, although not nearly as much during the semester as I got done over the summer. I had finished a bunch of the hardwood floors and a whole host of other things I'm not going to get into. Within the next few days I need to clean up and I'll just post some pictures of how everything is looking now.

The one room I never had a chance to do anything with was the 4th bedroom, which I had planned on turning into an office. So I got back to Buffalo from Christmas break on the 27th and spent most of my free time on that. Stripped, drywalled, sealed, sanded, primed, painted, carpeted, wired, and decorated. I took pictures the whole way along and made an animated gif of the progress. If you only see one picture, well sorry but your web browser sucks. At any rate I also posted a larger pic of the final results. I'm really excited to have it done. For all intensive purposes it's more like adding an addition to the house, since that was dead wasted space for the last 6 months.

click for larger view

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